Practice connect December 2020

Practice connect December 2020

Practice Connect December 2020

Medicines – tips for the safe use of medicines

Every year thousands of problems arise from misuse of medicines. Find out how to use them safely.

Newborn bloodspot screening

Newborn screening tests can detect rare but serious genetic or metabolic disorders in newborn babies.

7 Simple steps to fill appointments in December and the New Year

Investing an hour to prepare a simple communications and engagement plan will help bring your patients back and fill appointments, especially if you have increased availability this year. We explain the seven simple steps. Learn more.

The surprising number one cause of years of life lost in Australia in 2019

What’s the leading cause of life years lost in Australia? The answer may not be what you think.

Introducing Script Concierge – A simple solution for telehealth script processing and fulfilment

Script Concierge is a script fulfilment solution for telehealth consultations, script renewals and any other situations where the patient is remote and requires a prescription.

(duplicate) What is thyroid cancer?

What is thyroid cancer and what can be done about it? Oncologist Professor Michael Boyer advises.

Low-birthweight babies

Babies are considered of low birthweight if they weigh less than 2500 g at birth. Low birthweight is associated with a risk of illness in infancy and a long term risk of some chronic diseases.

What are the ongoing issues with congenital heart disease?

What are the ongoing issues for adults who have congenital heart disease? Professor David Celermajer explains.

What are the risk factors for heart disease?

What are the risk factors for heart disease – and which ones can you change?

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