Hepatitis NSW

Hepatitis C: Fibroscan and liver biopsy

Find out what’s involved when you have a fibroscan or a liver biopsy to assess the degree of liver fibrosis, and why cirrhosis is important.

Hepatitis C and PCR testing

PCR tests (polymerase chain reaction tests) help detect the presence of hepatitis C virus in the body and a person’s potential to transmit HCV to others.

Hepatitis C antibodies and antibody testing

Hep C antibody tests are used to see if a person has ever developed hep c antibodies – whether they have ever been infected with hepatitis C at any point.

Hepatitis C and sexual transmission

Hepatitis C, also known as Hep C is most commonly transmitted through blood-to-blood contact. It is not classified as an STI.

Hepatitis C: an Australian snapshot

Find out about all about hepatitis C, including how many Australians have hep C, how you catch it, treatment and the long-term effects of infection.


Hepatitis A, B and C: an overview

Compare the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis A, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

Liver function testing

Find out about the substances tested in liver function tests (blood tests) and how they can help determine the health of your liver.

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