The Australian Podiatry Association is the largest and oldest peak body representing podiatry and promoting foot health in Australia. As the leading provider of quality continuing education for podiatrists, we support our members with opportunities to develop their professional career, uphold standards and build connections. We are committed to the advancement of podiatry to improve foot health in the community. The positive impact of podiatric care changes the lives of one in five Australians who suffer from foot pain.

Toenail problems

Toenail fungus is more common than you may think... around 10% of the Australian adult population is affected by onychomycosis (Tinea unguium).

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Footwear health check

Our feet house a quarter of the bones in our entire bodies. This is why it's so important to ensure your shoes fit properly.

Foot health

When to see a podiatrist

Do you think you may need to see a podiatrist? Learn more about the role of podiatrists in foot health – and how this can benefit your general overall health.

Foot health

Diabetes and foot health

Do you have diabetes? Here is what you need to know about the connection between your feet and diabetes – and why it is so important to maintain good foot health.

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Foot and lower leg pain

Are you experiencing pain in your feet or lower limbs? This can provide clues to many related ailments throughout your body. Here is a round-up of what your various pain signals may indicate.

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Foot health and ageing

The condition of our feet often provides early indications of conditions such as diabetes, arthritis or circulatory disease. For this reason, the human foot is sometimes called the mirror of health.

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