What is nasopharyngeal cancer? Dr Michael Boyer

Nasopharyngeal cancers usually present either with a very blocked nose or some headaches, or more commonly with lumps in the side of the neck.

Who gets low blood pressure? Prof David Celermjer

[jwplayer fBKsMmvH] So, some people get low blood pressure because they were born that way, in the same way that some people are tall and some people are short, some people have high blood pressure, and some people have low blood pressure, and there’s a big genetic factor in that. Very rarely, people with low […]


What is leukoplakia? Dr Michael Boyer answers

Leukoplakia is a condition which affects the inside of the cheek. It needs to be monitored as it can turn into a cancer. Dr Michael Boyer

What is angina? A brief video by Prof. David Celermajer

Angina is not a sudden onset condition. It’s a more chronic condition where someone gets chest pain when they’re walking.

heart blockage

What does a heart blockage feel like?

Professor David Celermajer explains in this brief video what is described as a “heart blockage.”

Should I take fish oil? Dr David Celermajer answers

In this brief video Dr David Celermajer, from Sydney University, answers the age old question, should I take fish oil?

What is adult congenital heart disease?

What does it mean to have adult congenital heart disease? Professor David Celermajer explains.

What are the tests for heart disease?

There are many tests doctors use to diagnose heart disease. Find out what they are.

Unexplained weight loss and bruising

What if have cancer and I’m losing weight?

If you have cancer and you’re losing weight, one of the important things to do is to really understand why, says oncologist Professor Michael Boyer.

What problems does angina cause?

What problems does angina cause? Professor David Celermajer outlines the main ones.

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