Low FODMAP diet relieves IBS symptoms

Low FODMAP diet relieves IBS symptoms

Low-FODMAP diets reduce symptom severity scores, abdominal pain, bloating and overall symptoms in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), according to an Australian meta-analysis.

Every snort of coke could lead to stroke

People who take cocaine are 6 times more likely to have a stroke in the 24 hours after snorting cocaine.

Acupuncture helps with hay fever symptoms

Acupuncture helps with hay fever symptoms

Acupuncture has been shown to relieve the symptoms of sneezing and itchiness in hay fever, in an Australian study.

Lyme-like bacteria found in Australian paralysis tick

Bacteria from the same group as the organism that causes Lyme disease, (the Borrelia group), have been discovered in an Australian paralysis tick.

Dormant butt syndrome is linked to knee and back pain

Dormant butt syndrome, characterised by weak glute muscles and tight hip flexors, can be caused by sitting too long and is linked to knee, hip and back pain.

Morphine may worsen chronic nerve pain

Morphine may actually worsen chronic nerve pain, increasing the duration and the severity of the pain, researchers have found.

Australia leads the world in deaths from anaphylaxis

More people in Australia are dying from anaphylaxis than in any other developed country, warn immunologists, with medication and bee stings the biggest culprits.

Pre-diabetes can be reversed by weight loss

A weight loss of 11% of body weight in an obese person can reverse pre-diabetes, where a person has impaired glucose metabolism. Pre-diabetes puts a person at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Frequent ejaculation lowers prostate cancer risk

Good news for high-frequency ejaculators, as study finds the more frequently a man ejaculates, the lower his risk of prostate cancer.

Skin dryness relieved by vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide) may be a simple and cost-effective approach to relieve dry skin, according to Australian researchers.

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