4 April 2016

The fundamental way asthma is managed in Australia needs to change, according to immunology and respiratory medicine specialists.

Reporting on a recent web-based survey, they highlight some disturbing results about the way Australians manage their symptoms.

“One-quarter of respondents did not regularly use asthma preventers, despite having uncontrolled asthma,” the authors write in the Medical Journal of Australia.

“Another 20% of respondents had uncontrolled symptoms even while regularly using preventers.”

Around 2.3 million Australians suffer from asthma and it is estimated that one million have uncontrolled asthma.

According to the researchers, the survey results also suggest many asthma sufferers may favour immediate symptom relief rather than long term disease control, behaviour that is reinforced by the current dispensing system.

“Relievers are readily available over the counter, but preventers require prescriptions, necessitating additional effort, time and expense,” write the authors led by Dr Tunn Ren Tay from The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne.

Last Reviewed: 04/04/2016

Reproduced with kind permission from 6minutes.com.au.


Closing the million patient gap of uncontrolled asthma.