16 May 2016

Michael Woodhead

Vaping is especially popular among young smokers, with one in six admitting to using e-cigarettes, a survey from NSW shows.

Worryingly, young smokers are less likely than older smokers to be using e-cigarettes to quit or cut down their tobacco use, according to the findings of a phone survey conducted in 2014/15 by the Cancer Institute NSW.

Based on weekly phone interviews, the researchers found that 16% of smokers aged 18-29 were current users of e-cigarettes, compared with 9% of the overall adult sample of smokers.

Younger users were significantly more likely than those over 30 to be using e-cigarettes because they were perceived to taste better and they could be used in places where smoking cigarettes was not allowed.

The study, published last week in the Medical Journal of Australia, also showed that 43% of e-cigarette users were using them at least weekly.

Frequent users were more likely to buy e-cigarettes supplies online.

An accompanying editorial said the high rates of e-cigarette use among young people were a cause for concern and showed the need for better regulation.

Last Reviewed: 16/05/2016

Reproduced with kind permission from Australian Doctor