Indicative Action: Pain

Codeine Phosphate Hemihydrate Tablets
Sandoz Analgesic/Calmative Tablets
OxyContin Reformulated Modified release tablets
APOHealth Paracetamol Plus Codeine & Calmative Tablets
Sudafed Sinus Day + Night Relief Tablets
OxyNorm Solution for infusion
Panadol Cold & Flu + Decongestant Caplets
Tramadol Sandoz Capsules
Blooms the Chemist Pregabalin Capsules
Buprenorphine Sandoz 5 Transdermal patch
Panamax Tablets
Paracetamol BNM Solution for infusion
Sudafed Sinus + Allergy & Pain Relief Tablets
B. Braun Fentanyl Solution for injection
APOHealth Paracetamol Plus Codeine Tablets
Panadol Osteo Modified release caplets
Sudafed Sinus + Anti-inflammatory Pain Relief Caplets
Panadol Flu Strength Day & Night Caplets
Panadol Sinus Pain And Congestion Relief Caplets
Buprenorphine Sandoz 10 Transdermal patch
Fentanyl Solution for injection
Panamax Elixir
Sandoz Paracetamol Plus Codeine Tablets
Fentora Orally disintegrating tablets
APOHealth Paracetamol Plus Codeine 15 Tablets
Panadol Cold & Flu Max + Decongestant Hot Lemon Powder for oral solution
APO-Tramadol Capsules
Tramadol Sandoz Solution for injection
Buprenorphine Sandoz 15 Transdermal patch
DBL Fentanyl Injection (Solution for injection)
Panamax 240 Elixir
Alfentanil GH Solution for injection
Chemists' Own Coldeze Tablets
Dimetapp PSE Cough Cold & Flu Night Relief Liquid Caps
Panadol (Children) Suppositories
Tramadol SR Generichealth Twice daily sustained release tablets
Oxycodone Juno Solution for injection or infusion
Buprenorphine Sandoz 20 Transdermal patch
Caldolor Concentrated injection
Oruvail SR Capsules (Sustained release capsules)
Fentanyl GH Solution for injection
Naropin with Fentanyl (2 mg/mL, 2 mcg/mL) Epidural infusion
Parapane Tablets
Oxycodone Juno Solution for infusion
Pethidine Injection BP (Solution for injection)
Paracetamol/Codeine GH 500/30 Tablets