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What Is Emotional Exhaustion? Dr Matthew Cullen

In this brief video, Dr Matthew Cullen explains what emotional exhaustion is and some of the reasons why we need to manage it.

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How Do you Manage Covid-19 Vaccine Guilt?

Dr. Matthew Cullen explains why it is normal to feel guilty for receiving the covid-19 vaccine before others.

Alcohol: drinking problems

Worried about the harm from excessive drinking? Read about the health and psychological problems that can result from alcohol misuse


Indigestion is a symptom involving pain in the stomach and sometimes heartburn or reflux, which may result from several medical

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Face mask fails you don’t want to make

It takes a bit of practice to wear a face mask effectively. Here are some face mask fails you don’t

Video: How to use a digital thermometer

The most commonly used thermometer in the home is the digital thermometer. Find out how to record a temperature orally

What Percentage of Sydney Do You Think Have Covid-19?

Dr Norman Swan explains that despite being under-diagnosed, Australia is in a much better situation then Britain because of our

Can a person be infectious before showing symptoms of COVID-19?

There's no question that people can be infectious before they show symptoms of COVID-19. The question is for how long?

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