Alcohol Calculator

Alcohol Calculator Use the chart to calculate your weekly alcohol consumption. Please type in the number of drinks except for the "other" category where you should insert the number of units. Click on the calculator below to add up your weekly total.
Name: Week commencing:

1 glass wine
(100 mL) = 1 unit
1 glass wine
restaurant (180mL) = 1.8 units

1 regular beer - pot or middy (285 mL)
= 1 unit

1 nip spirits
(30 mL) = 1 unit
1 can light beer
(375 mL) = 0.8 units
1 bottle light beer
(375 mL) = 0.8 units
1 can full strength beer
(375 mL) = 1.5 units
1 bottle full strength beer
(375 mL) = 1.5 units
1 champagne or sparkling wine
(170 mL) = 1.5 units
Alcoholic soda
(300 mL) = 1.2 units
Other. Type in the number of units


Click here to add up your weekly total of alcohol units and to see your level of risk.

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