As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout fast approaches, we surveyed patients to better understand their intentions and concerns about receiving the vaccine.

The survey is still in its early stages but thought we would share some of the early results so you can better prepare for the upcoming vaccine rollout.

 Will you get the vaccine as soon as it is available to you?

  • 65% of survey respondents agree they will get the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it is available
    • 19% said they won’t get the COVID-19 vaccine, and
    • 16% are unsure

Among those who won’t be getting the COVID-19 vaccine / or are unsure, the top 3 reasons were:

  • 42% of respondents are worried about the potential long-term vaccine side effects
    • 28% say that they need more trustworthy information about the vaccine’s safety
    • 17% have more serious health issues and are nervous about how the vaccine will impact their current condition / medication

Information they would need to convince them that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe (top 5):

  • 76% said advice from their GP
    • 55% say COVID-19 information from the government
    • 52% said an article on a trustworthy health website, written by Doctors
    • 34% say educational health information (poster, video, etc) whilst waiting to see a GP
    • 23% said a poster at a Pharmacy or TV commercial (equal %)

It is also interesting to note that so far 25% of respondents are worried about elderly people in their family receiving the COVID-19 vaccine (65% are not concerned and 9% are unsure).

Source: Tonic Media Network COVID-19 Vaccine survey. N=103

Last Reviewed: 24/02/2021

Your Doctor. Dr Michael Jones, Medical Editor.

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