The world’s first comprehensive report on global addictions has revealed that Australia is one of the top users of ecstasy and cocaine.

Australia is the leading user of ecstasy, with 3% of the population taking the drug at least once per year, compared with 1% of Brits and Americans. The world leader in cocaine use is Scotland, where 2.4% of the population uses it each year, but Australia is not far behind, with 2.1% of the population dabbling in cocaine at least once per year.

On the other hand, Australians have relatively low rates of alcohol disorders and smoking-related deaths compared with the rest of the world.

The annual prevalence of alcohol disorders in Australia is 3.7%, compared with a global average of 4.5%. The annual proportion of deaths due to tobacco in Australia is 14%, compared with 20% in the UK and 23% in the US.

Alice Klein

Scroll over the interactive graph below to see the rates of drug use as percentage of population aged 16-64.

Last Reviewed: 26/05/2015

Reproduced with kind permission from Australian Doctor

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