St Nirvana herbal slimming capsules safety risk

14 June 2011

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has issued a public warning recommending against the use of St Nirvana herbal slimming capsules, labelled "100 per cent herbal" but found to contain potentially harmful active drugs.

The capsules are sold over the Internet in bottles and blister packs.

Analysis of the bottled version of the slimming capsules identified sibutramine, the active ingredient of some prescription-only weight-loss medicines, which was withdrawn in Australia in 2010 over concerns it increased the risk of heart attack.

The blister pack version of the capsules contained sibutramine and also phenolphthalein, an oral laxative that is no longer available in Australia because of safety concerns associated with its long-term use.

The TGA advises that if you have purchased St Nirvana herbal slimming capsules, you should stop using them and discard any remaining capsules. If you have concerns arising from use of this product, you should consult your health care practitioner.

Last Reviewed: 15 June 2011
Reproduced with kind permission from Medical Observer.
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