There no way of telling COVID-19 versus the flu, or versus the common cold. You feel fatigue, you get fever, you get a sore throat, you get a cough. Those sorts of symptoms. How you think you might have it is if you’ve come off a plane in the last 14 days, from overseas. Then that would be an indication that you might have COVID-19, and you would actually be qualified for testing at that point. If you’ve come in contact with somebody that you know has had COVID-19, tested positive, and you’ve got symptoms, then that is a case for being tested as well. And if you’re pregnant and you’re a healthcare worker, and you’ve got symptoms, then you don’t need to have contact with somebody else. You would get tested anyway. And the final qualification for testing at the moment is that if you’ve got pneumonia and nobody knows where you might have got it from, then you get tested regardless of who you might have come in contact with.

Last Reviewed: 23/03/2020


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